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Created 14-Feb-17
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Starting in Barbados, we then sailed around the Grenadines in the Royal Clipper, the largest sailing ship in the world, to Tobago Cays, then northward to Martinique, then back to Barbados.

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Sunrise first glimpse at it approached the Bridgetown, Barbados portElevator down to the cave entryStalactites and StalagmitesA Small WaterfallPatterns in the Underground PoolStalactites & Stalagmites reminiscent of a monster's teeth"The Alter"Limestone Wall GrowthsLimestone GrowthsRoyal Palm outside the cave entryStatue at the entry of the gardenBuddha statueArcher ManArcher WomanAngel descending into the gardenRed-Yellow FlowersPearsStorm Damaged ChurchMushroom RocksTortoise