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Created 3-Jun-17
166 photos
Images are displayed in the sequence of my trip, from last taken, image 1, to first, starting with my trip last year, 2017, and this year. Enjoy!!

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Fiery-throated HummingbirdHummingbird sp.Hummingbird sp.Fiery-throated HummingbirdFiery-throated HummingbirdViolet-headed HummingbirdLong-tailed Silky FlycatcherSpiny Green LizardResplendent Quetzal, immatureResplendent Quetzal, maleResplendent Quetzal, maleResplendent Quetzal, femaleNorthern Emerald ToucanetChestnut-capped BrushfinchGolden-browed Chlorophonia, juvenileGolden-browed ChlorophoniaSilver-throated TanagerWhite-throated Mountain GemGreen-crowned Brilliant and White-throated Mountain GemSilver-throated Tanagers,  juvenile and adult