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Created 28-Feb-23
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Purple Gallinule, EvergladesBroad Scarlet Dragonfly, EvergladesHalloween Pennant Dragonfly, EvergladesEastern Towhee, EvergladesNorthern CardinalGray Catbird, EvergladesBurrowing Owl, Cape CoralBurrowing Owl, Cape CoralSandhill Crane at the side of the roadSandhill Crane PairBlue-winged Teal, Lake Apopka Wildlife DriveCormorantGlossy Ibis, Lake Apopka Wildlife DriveAnhinga, Lake Apopka Wildlife DriveBlue-winged Teal, Lake Apopka Wildlife DriveCattle EgretCommon GallinuleYellow-rumped WarblerYellow-throated Warbler