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Created 17-Feb-13
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Golden-backed Weaver, Ploceus jacksoni, Entebbe Botanical GardenBlack-and-white-casqued Hornbill, Bycanistes subcylindricus,   Entebbe Botanical GardenBlack-and-white-casqued Hornbill, Bycanistes subcylindricus,Entebbe Botanical GardenJinja - the source of the Nile RiverFellow traveler, Ron,en route to MbaleFellow travelers, Joy and Ellen,at Peace Kawomera Coffee Coop,MbaleEllen and namesake Ellen,at Peace Kawomera Coffee Coop,MbaleBorage???Valley Below SipiRock and moss at the base of Sipi Falls, UgandaPeace Kawomera Coffee Coop,under constructionCoffee Beans, unprocessed  Gumutindo Coffee Processing Facility  Mbale, UgandaMbale TailorBanana Tree, with the male flower,Samson's Garden.Harrison and Sampson,Tour Guides Extraordinaire!!.... till the cows come home.....Banana Tree FrogFires everywhere.  It's how they prepare the fields for the next season's plantings.en route from Mbale to Jinja.Pioneer Guest House, Katende, UgandaCamera GPS reading:  0d 0' 0" N, 32d 2' 23" E  I was standing exactly on the Equator when I shot this.