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Created 17-Feb-13
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2004 Photoshop creation2002 Seasons GreetingsPhoto of buck taken at Sunken Forest, Fire Island National Seashore2006 Seasons GreetingsFemale Cardinal2001 Seasons GreetingsPhoto of Haupt Conservatory, NY Botanical Gardens, and me reflected in the Christmas ball.2007 - Based on photograph of blackbirds in a cottonwood tree, taken in Albuquerque, NM Dec. 8, 2007.2008 Seasons GreetingsChristmas Cactus buds2009 Seasons GreetingsBarn Owl2010 Season's GreetingsDecember 2009 Blizzard, looking north on South Ocean Ave, Patchogue, NY2012 Seasons Greetings1st Year Herring Gull12-20-09_DA_DSC_81712013 Seasons Greetings2021_Two-Hummers2019 Mantis Seasons Greetings