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Created 17-Feb-13
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DISCLAIMER: So far, this is my introduction to sports photography, in general, and dog agility, in particular. So, the images are, in my opinion, not that great yet. They will be soon, and then this message will disappear, being replaced by a more confident one that dog owners will appreciate. However, having said this, feel free to purchase any of the images. But, before you do, use the tool at the right, when you move your mouse over the image, to enlarge it to "O" original size to get a better feel for what the final print may look like, as there may be some blurriness that is not quite evident in the smaller views. As I progress, this will improve, and again, this message will go away. Please feel free to contact me (link on the navigation bar above) if you have any questions or comments. And, by all means, feel free to leave comments, either here or in my Guestbook. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

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