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Created 17-Feb-13
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This was the second of two Town Hall meetings that Congressman Tim Bishop held to ask his constituents about proposed health care reform. This meeting took place at Sachem High School, Farmingville, NY on August 27, 2009. The first meeting, which I did not hold, was apparently a disaster, in which those opposed to health care reform, came out to shout down not only those who supported reform, but also Congressman Bishop himself. This meeting was somewhat more civilized, with only one incident that required security intervention. In fact, the now called "deathers" were outnumbered by the supporters of reform and those who support both a public option and single payer health care. It was, in my opinion, quite heartening. I find that those who oppose reform or any kind of public option are really those who absolutely opposed to President Obama himself, and even carried signs calling for his impeachment. On what grounds is a mystery. They just hate to their collective core all things Democrat and all things Obama. They'll not ever adjust to the fact that the Democrats won the last round of elections quite soundly. I do have to say, however, that I do understand that. I could never quite adjust to the fact that the republicans and dubya and his dick had the white wash, I mean house, for the past eight years. IT'S OUR TURN NOW, BABY! YES WE DID! YES WE CAN! YES WE WILL!!!

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