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Created 17-Feb-13
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We love hunting dragons and damsels. They are fascinating creatures, uniquely beautiful and environmentally beneficial. They eat other bugs. :-)

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Blue Dasher, Pachydiplax longipennisWertheim National Wildlife Refuge, LIEastern Amberwing, Perithermis teneraWertheim National Wildlife Refuge, LIBlue Dasher, maleEastern Amberwing, maleSlaty SkimmerRuby MeadowhawkRuby MeadowhawkDarnerRuby MeadowhawkWidow Skimmer femaleWidow Skimmer, femaleBlue DasherPainted SkimmerSailors Haven, Fire IslandBlue Dasher, femaleBlue DasherWidow SkimmerBlue DasherCommon Whitetail femaleRoseville, MNBluet femaleRoseville, MNDragon in Hand